Photo Credit: Zohar Lazar

Photo Credit: Zohar Lazar

Current Projects

Soldiering and Conflict

"How Perceived Motivations for Military Service Shape Support for the Use of Force." with Aaron Rapport and Ron KrebsLast presented at APSA 2018.

"Why They Fight: Who Believes What About Why Soldiers Serve" with Aaron Rapport and Ron Krebs.

"Taking Social Cohesion to Task: Military Inclusion and Concepts of Cohesion." with Jennifer Spindel.

"Public Perceptions of the Effect of Climate Change on National Security" with Matt Motta and Jennifer Spindel.

Dissertation Papers

"Measuring and Explaining Declinism in Postwar Britain: From ‘Weary Titan’ to ‘Never Having It So Good’"  Working Paper. Last presented at ASPA 2018